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Patient Testimonials

Are you thinking about prescribing LACRISERT® to your Dry Eye patients? Hear what other LACRISERT® users have to say:

  • Janie is a bookkeeper and a Dry Eye sufferer since 1991. Click to hear about Janie’s improvement of symptoms after using LACRISERT®.

  • Susan was a book editor but she had to go on disability due to her severe Dry Eye from Sjögren’s syndrome. Click to learn more about how tolerable her Dry Eye has become since she started LACRISERT®.

  • Cynthia is a graduate student whose Dry Eye due to rheumatoid arthritis made her academic studies difficult to maintain. Click to learn more about Cynthia’s experience with LACRISERT® and how easy it is to use.

Indications and Usage

LACRISERT® is indicated in patients with moderate to severe Dry Eye syndromes, including keratoconjunctivitis sicca. LACRISERT® is indicated especially in patients who remain symptomatic after an adequate trial of therapy with artificial tear solutions. LACRISERT® is also indicated for patients with exposure keratitis, decreased corneal sensitivity, and recurrent corneal erosions.

Important Safety Information

LACRISERT® is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to hydroxypropyl cellulose. Instructions for inserting and removing LACRISERT® should be carefully followed. If improperly placed, LACRISERT® may result in corneal abrasion. Because LACRISERT® may cause transient blurred vision, patients should be instructed to exercise caution when driving or operating machinery. Patients should be cautioned against rubbing the eye(s) containing LACRISERT®.

The following adverse reactions have been reported, but were in most instances, mild and temporary: transient blurring of vision, ocular discomfort or irritation, matting or stickiness of eyelashes, photophobia, hypersensitivity, eyelid edema, and hyperemia.

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